What is the Ambassadorial Arena?

The Ambassadorial Arena is a hole in the Warp, held open by a mighty ancient sword from a time none can remember.  Even the Great Ones themselves lost its knowledge. The sword’s power field was first rediscovered by the T’au Empire and exploited as a safe meeting place to engage potential allies.  After the Fall of Cadia, they met many Imperial Guard commanders who wished to join the Greater Good unglimpsed.  Not even the greatest of the Tyranid Hive Minds can sense the swords location and it is beyond the means of normal Daemons to sense its presence directly.

The Tau did not realize they had discovered the domain of the Great Ones. It was only the T’au unique lack of a signature in the warp that allowed them to go unnoticed by the vestiges of even these mighty beings for some time. Some say the time warping effects of the power field are what gave the T’au countless centuries to develop their race when only a small fraction of that passed in real space.

Whatever the truth may be, the presence of the Tau Empire guests could not go unnoticed forever. The Great Ones took a greater and greater quiet interest in the machinations of those who dared venture into their domain. It became clear to them that these races competed with one another for both control of space and time. Given enough of both, one would prevail on the Final War that was foreseen 40,000 years before. In an endeavor to monitor this progress and influence it faster to its logical conclusion, the Great Ones stay time completely and then chose Ambassadors from every faction to represent their own kind  To the arena they come and in the arena they must prove able Ambassadors.

And so it is that you, the greatest sentient factions in the galaxy, are gathered.  You compete for the favor of the Great Ones in your endless wars. No one knows for sure how long it has gone on, and it is sensed by some who compete that they have been in this time and place before, but the details are as dreams.

The one thing that is known: sixteen Ambassadors enter the arena—one leaves. That one brings with him a token of great hope that his faction will have the backing of the Great Ones when the Final War begins.

Various and sundry

We will be using the official Warhammer 40,000 FAQ’s.

In addition:



Time clocks will not be enforceable but if you wish to have one for your own reference, you certainly can.


Yes!  This is an ITC Grand Tournament and we will be using the Bestcoastpairings software for the event pairings.

With the exception of Smite, each psychic power can be attempted only once per turn, rather than once per psyker per
turn. In addition, subtract 1 from the result of any psychic test taken when attempting to manifest Smite for each other
attempt (whether successful or not) that has been made to manifest Smite during this Psychic phase.
For example, if a psyker attempts to manifest Smite during a Psychic phase in which two other psykers have already
attempted to manifest Smite, then you would subtract 2 from the result of the psychic test.
An enemy Character with a Wounds characteristic of less than 10 can only be chosen as a target in the Shooting
phase if it is both visible to the firing model and it is the closest enemy unit to the firing unit. Ignore other enemy
Characters with a Wounds characteristics of less than 10 when determining if the target is the closest enemy unit to
the firing model.
This means that if any other enemy units (other than other Characters with a Wounds characteristics of less than 10)
are closer, whether they are visible or not, then the enemy Character cannot be targeted.


This will follow the ITC ruling on the ground floor of ruins as follows:  consider the first floor walls of ruins to be opaque (To be specific:  ignoring doors and windows as if they were not there).  If both you and your opponent both agree…  You can consider the first floor walls to be literal line of sight.

Any further enhancements to the rules will be covered here.  As the tournament grows closer and rules and questions come up that the FAQ’s don’t handle, we will address them here.